Our Goal is to Provide the Highest Quality of Test-Prep Assistance!

At MANU KAI we aim to work on confidence, responsibility and self-esteem in addition to academics. Our tutors are well versed with alternative teaching styles and have experience with academic coaching, homeschooling, tutoring and test preparation. We strive to mold our teaching styles for each of our students and encourage every tutor to focus on study skills as well as difficult concepts.

During our test-prep sessions we guide students with proven problem-solving and test-taking strategies.  Through our focused one-on-one sessions, students are able to get specialized attention on the areas they struggle with most. This allows us to hone in on their weaknesses, be it reading comprehension, math, understanding scientific data or something else. The one-on-one sessions are flexible and can range from 1.5-2hrs once a week.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions we highly recommend that students join one of our group sessions that we offer to get generalized help on test taking strategies and common difficulties.  We also offer practice exams at our office twice a month.  In doing so, we proctor, grade and analyze these exams to focus on each student’s weaknesses.  This allows us to tailor each student’s weekly test-prep sessions to their individual needs.

We come highly recommended by the finest educators, public schools, and private schools in the Santa Barbara area. It is also a telling detail that the vast majority of our families come to us by referral.

Get The Help You Need!

Standardized testing gives many students considerable anxiety.  One way to curb that often debilitating emotion is to prepare with specialists on specific areas.  We offer test prep services that help students feel confident in their knowledge and their ability to succeed on these very important exams.

Test Prep Services Offered

We offer test prep assistance for the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, SATII, ACT, GRE, and all AP tests. All of our test prep classes come with review materials and are either private one-on-one sessions or group sessions.  Every session lead by a specialist who has scored in the top percentile on the test.