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Kevin Showalter M.A.

Kevin Showalter M.A.

Managing Director

An educator in the social sciences and humanities, Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Global and International Studies from UCSB. His teaching experience includes Sociology, Anthropology, Socio-Economics, Global Studies and English.

Elvis Nunez M.Sc.

Elvis Nunez M.Sc.

Lead Learning Specialist

Elvis Nunez is a international science educator and curriculum consultant. He teaches K-12 and university students in Math, Science, Geography, History, English and Spanish. Elvis also leads our test prep sessions.

Erin Leighland M.A.

Erin Leighland M.A.

Learning Specialist

Erin Leighland is a friendly learning specialist with several years of teaching and tutoring experience around the country. At MANU KAI she works with K-12 and university students on organizational skills and on the Humanities, Environmental Science, Religion, Math, and Science.

Danny Zamora Ph.D.

Danny Zamora Ph.D.

Math Learning Specialist

Danny is an energetic and friendly tutor who has had over seven years of teaching and tutoring experience in both the Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz areas. He specializes in all areas of mathematics and can work with students of any age.

Erica Mesker M.A.

Erica Mesker M.A.

Science & Math Learning Specialist

Erica specializes in teaching biology, chemistry and the social sciences. She has extensive teaching and tutoring experience at both the high school and university levels and has a deep love for opening the minds of the students she works with.

Jayne Lee M.A.

Jayne Lee M.A.

Spanish Learning Specialist

As Learning Specialist for MANU KAI Educational Services Jayne works with students on Spanish, French, Social Sciences and the Humanities. She has experience working with students of all ages.

Melissa Spina

– All levels of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Tutoring Options

We offer several tutoring options to fit your specific needs.  All tutors have several years of teaching and/or tutoring experience and have guided many students through homeschooling courses.

Executive Tutoring

Our executive tutors have Masters or PhDs with over 6 years of teaching experience working with students of all learning capacities.  They have experience teaching at the university level and have participated in teacher training programs internationally. They teach specialized courses and provide academic coaching and curriculum consulting services.

Master Tutoring

Our master tutors have a minimum of a Master’s degree and at least 4 years of teaching experience working with students at the high school and university level. They teach advanced high school and college level courses.

Subject Tutoring

Subject tutors have bachelor degrees in various subject areas with an average of 3 years of teaching and/or tutoring experience. They work with elementary, middle school and high school students. We have subject specialists as well as general tutors who focus on all subjects at a particular grade level.

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Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California