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Manu Kai, /mah-noo ky-ee/ n. bird of the sea

The phrase MANU KAI translates to “Birds of the Sea” in the Hawaiian Language and is perfectly symbolic of what’s possible when one sets goals and develops the confidence, discipline and courage necessary to meet those objectives.

Seabirds inspire because they represent what is so beautiful and magnificent about nature. Migrating over a million miles through endless swaths of open ocean over the course of their lives, these marvelous beings have guided humans in our own quest for discovery. They show us that with courage and conviction one can achieve the impossible and help others along the way.

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To provide quality and personalized tutoring and academic coaching services that empower K-12 and College level students to succeed in and out of the classroom.


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At MANU KAI, we are dedicated to ensuring your child’s individualized success. We believe that in order to achieve this goal, learning specialists must use alternative teaching and learning strategies that cater to a diverse set of learners, including students with learning challenges.  We firmly believe in teaching in ways that are relevant, easy to grasp and applicable to every day life.


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MANU KAI tutors all have several years of teaching and research experience at both the k-12 and college level.  Our educators are specialized mentors who begin by determining your child’s learning style and then molding each session to challenge and improve your child’s critical thinking skills. Our strategies have proven successful across all age groups and subject areas.


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We are committed to helping each student reach their own goals through encouragement and positive reinforcement.  We use our time to target and strengthen specific academic areas, making sure that we achieve each student’s individual objectives.  This process results in improved confidence and self-esteem which has a positive and lasting effect.


At MANU KAI we believe that every child is capable of learning and achieving great things.  We serve as facilitators of knowledge and in many ways help to connect the dots for students.

Our inquiry based teaching and student-centered focus allows us to tap into your child’s memory, retrieve vital information, and make the necessary links between classroom and homework material.  We believe in fostering student learning and increasing conceptual thinking skills and not in rote memorization or disjointed content. 

Our goal is to ensure that your child becomes interested in their academics and takes responsibility for their learning.  We also make it a personal aim to enhance student self-esteem and academic confidence.  Before students can make valuable contributions in the classroom, they must feel prepared and capable of doing so.  For this reasons, our team of trained professionals go above and beyond to ensure every child’s needs are met.